The Darwin Challenge: A revised strategy for social impact and growth

Helping scale this social impact challenge into a global movement


The Darwin Challenge

Inspired by Charles Darwin, and brought to life by his great-great-grandson, Chris Darwin, The Darwin Challenge endeavours to halt the increase in global meat consumption and reduce our global carbon footprint in the process, inspiring up to 280 million people globally to have 2 meat free days per week.

Rumblr was engaged in drawing up a strategy to grow this impactful yet challenging social change campaign across Australia and beyond into a social movement. Creating a customer acquisition and launch strategy to drive user uptake and engagement without using their iOS app, increasing meat free meals in the home and reducing consumers carbon footprint globally.

“The Rumblr team supported us in re-developing our strategy to help scale a social impact challenge into a global movement and drive customer acquisition. They are a pleasure to work with, committed to the cause, authentic and are excellent in their craft.”
- Zac Jacobs
Strategy Advisor


A strategy for social impact and customer acquisition

Our research shows children and females (in ‘traditional’ cis / hetero relationships) are still the influencers of what is consumed around the kitchen table. Embracing the idea of the next generation driving real change, the Rumblr team developed a strategy for social impact and customer acquisition targeting young adults to help drive meat free meals in the home.

Rumblr created a 4 stage process and channel approach to target decision makers and young adults in the home and competitions in schools to influence a conversation around the table and reduce meat consumption in Australia, helping drive momentum, awareness and sign ups to The Darwin Challenge. 

What we did

  • Digital strategy

  • Customer segmentation

  • Marketing and growth strategy

  • Content strategy

  • Product launch

  • Customer journey mapping

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