Hassl: Taking on a billion dollar industry

Helping a tech startup break into and succeed in the project management space.



Hassl is an all in one project management tool that’s simple enough for everyone to use. Hassl came to us to help launch their product, and cement their place in the project management space. A tough, flooded market dominated by a handful of big players. 

Hassl needed to refine their product and gain a deeper understanding of their target customer to ensure successful penetration into the market, and sustained opportunities for growth. Rumblr undertook a deep analysis across segmentation, customer journey and marketing infrastructure, formulated a go-to-market strategy to drive user acquisition, higher engagement and market penetration.



  • 4.1X Database and customer growth over 16 months

  • 3.3X Return in advertising spend

  • 22% Increase in customer lifetime value (CLV)

  • 27% Reduction in customer acquisition costs (CAC) utilising content marketing and lead generation


Helping a tech startup break into and succeed in the project management space

Rumblr undertook comprehensive market, competitor and customer analysis to inform our go-to-market strategy. Led by data and insights, we guided the creation of a seamless customer journey to minimise drop off and maximise conversions. Our team reviewed the platform’s data, how it was being used, and by whom, to understand and identify who made the best customers as well as which features were the most popular (and which were the least).

We also looked at customer churn, to identify those most likely to discontinue use of the platform. Rumblr launched email marketing and data management to build an intelligent customer database, stronger brand communications and drive long-term use of the platform. 

Our team developed a multi-stage process and channel approach to target specific businesses, freelancers and sole traders in key industries across global markets. Identifying the key benefits required from Hassl’s customer segments and tailoring an execution plan using the most effective communication channels for each of these customer groups. Rumblr launched targeted campaigns to drive awareness, build consideration against Hassl’s competitors, generate sign-ups, gain customer loyalty, advocacy and growth of the platform.

What we did

  • Marketing strategy

  • Data analysis and research

  • Customer segmentation

  • Business intelligence and data science

  • Marketing and growth strategy

  • Email marketing strategy

  • Customer journey mapping

  • CRM and database set-up

  • Competitor analysis

  • Audience segmentation

  • Social media advertising

  • Paid social campaigns

  • Search campaigns

  • Youtube advertising

  • Email marketing and automation

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