Captur3d: Scaling Saas in Real Estate

Predicting customer churn before they drop off, a smarter way to grow



Captur3d is an all-in-one content management (SaaS) system for the real estate industry. With 4 years of organic growth Captur3d was at a stage where they needed to ‘flick the switch’ and ramp their growth. There were significant challenges. Rising competitors in the marketplace. Lacking an established marketing function, higher churn rate with a niche and difficult to source customer base we had our work cut out for us.


  • Developed A new marketing strategy and execution plan to guide the business forward.

  • Built A model to predict customer churn before they drop off

  • 20% Reduction in customer churn

  • 4x ROAS

Working smarter, and maximising our spend

To get clearer on the problem and the direction we were headed, the team developed a new marketing and ops strategy and execution plan to guide the business forward.

The Rumblr team then built a machine learning model to predict customer drop-off before customers decided to leave the platform and reduce churn. This enabled us to have a conversation with a customer, gather data and plug any potential risks before launching into paid marketing activities, maximising our spend. 

Slacing Saas in real estate

Acting as an in-house marketing function  whilst building out the necessary systems and campaigns across all channels to get the house in order, we were then able to start building the brand and engage new customers.

We successfully launched targeted customer acquisition campaigns across Linkedin, Facebook, SEM and email over 6 months with hard to reach customers across 12 countries and three continents.

What we did

  • Digital strategy

  • Customer segmentation

  • Machine learning models

  • Predictive analytics

  • CRM and database set-up

  • Performance marketing

  • Paid social campaigns

  • Search campaigns

  • Email marketing and automation

  • CRM and mar-tech review/audit

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