5 Reasons Why You Need to Invest in a Marketing Strategy

by Gerald Fisher 7 October 2022

A top-tier marketing strategy is critical in achieving success, and it’s one of the first places to start if you’re considering doing marketing for your business. You should think about building a marketing strategy before you start to allocate funds or resources, or start investing time into marketing. 

A marketing strategy is where you’ll set the foundation for everything you do. Planning it out means you’ll do it right and know where to invest your time, resources and budget to achieve your goals. You’ll want to develop your marketing strategy after diving into your insights so your decisions are backed by data and based on what is achievable. 

If you’re still thinking of jumping straight into your marketing without a strategy, here are 5 reasons why you need to invest in a marketing strategy. 

1. Understand your goals and be able to measure success

Setting your goals means you’ll identify exactly what you need to achieve and provide clear direction from day one. It’s important that your goals are clear, realistic and measurable. 

Having these goals in place from the start is important as it gives you the ability to report on what worked and what didn’t, and make conclusions on whether you achieved your objectives. You might also set smaller targets and KPIs that are quantifiable, so you can review which parts of your strategy worked or didn’t work, or how they improve over time. 

2. Invest your time, resources and money in the right places 

It’s key to ensure your marketing efforts are spent on reaching the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Your strategy will identify your marketing tactics, budget and what you’re going to invest in. This will help you get more bang for your buck and be more efficient. 

Having a defined plan helps you minimise wasted time and resources. You’ll know what channels to invest in and the best way to communicate with your target audience so you can get the highest ROI possible for your efforts. 

3. Reach the right people 

Identifying your target audience and how you will reach these people is one of the most important tasks that you’ll do before you start your marketing. Your strategy will go into great detail about your customers, what their needs are and where to find them. 

Knowing the value you add and how you will communicate with your audience is key and this will form part of all your marketing communications. 

4. Keep your activity on-brand 

Having guidelines in place means your marketing team will stay focused on the overall goals. Everyone will have the same vision and this stems right down to the overall look and feel of your marketing communications. 

Setting brand guidelines, tone of voice, logo usage and brand colours gives everyone a reference point and keeps your activity consistent, cohesive and more recognisable. 

5. You have a plan that you can stick to 

Your strategy will act as a reference point, so that no matter who is working on your marketing, and at what point of the marketing journey they join, they’ll have a place to base their knowledge from. This means that information won’t just be sitting in the heads of certain team members. 

Having a marketing strategy in place means information will be documented and accessible to all team members. You’ll also be able to point other departments or agencies to a written source of truth when collaborating on campaigns or aligned activities.

We can help you define your strategy. We’ll start by diving into your data, identifying your pain points and meeting up with your team. We’ll draw together deep customer insights and market research to deliver a top-tier marketing strategy and execution plan to take your product and brand to market. Visit our website at www.rumblr.com.au, or drop us a line: hello@rumblr.com.au

by Gerald Fisher