BVOD Advertising: Benefits of BVOD Ads Australia

by Gerald Fisher 11 September 2022

BVOD Advertising, which stands for Broadcast Video On Demand continues to set new viewing benchmarks, accelerated by stay at home orders in Australia, Broadcast VOD became the fastest-growing channel in 2019 with consumption increasing by another 48% in 2020. 

More than 1.6 million hours of BVOD content is being consumed each week. So where customers are, advertisers must follow. 

While BVOD is available across a range of devices including mobiles, tablets and computers, the biggest consumption of BVOD is Connected TVs, coming in at 48% of all viewership. This means that, for a fraction of the cost, you can get a TV-style commercial delivered to your target audience, on their favourite program. BVOD combines the benefits of digital ad serving capabilities with traditional TV status. 

Here’s everything you need to know about BVOD advertising and why it should be a welcomed addition to your media plan. 

What is BVOD advertising in Australia?

BVOD includes digital-only, on-demand content from traditional broadcast television across all major networks – 10Play, Nine, 7Plus, and Foxtel Now being the heavy hitters in Australia. 

BVOD is breathing new life into broadcast media and opening it up to new audiences. A shift in television consumption in Australia is resulting in the gradual movement away from traditional broadcast television and into on-demand services. This means that there are now audience segments that can only be reached through BVOD; in particular younger audiences, who have seen some of the highest growth in BVOD consumption. 

Four key benefits of BVOD advertising

1. Increased targeting capabilities 

BVOD provides much more comprehensive targeting than traditional television advertising. As well as demographic targeting, BVOD advertising allows advertisers to target viewers based on their likes and interests as well as contextual targeting, based on the type of show they are viewing. This advanced suite of options is market-leading and means brands can drill down on their audiences, displaying their ads to the exact consumers they want to reach. 

Advertisers can tailor their strategy by selecting the program in which to display their ads – genre, series type, length and much more. This creates powerful connections with specific consumers, driving brand association and brand awareness by aligning your brand with your audiences favourite TV shows. Advertisers can also use interest-based targeting to hone in on specific audience groups, harnessing the rich and granular household data collected by these large, established broadcasters. 

2. Identify, track & optimise   

BVOD can provide real-time data and analytics. This means campaigns can be optimised as they are being delivered, allowing for greater control and maximum campaign effectiveness. 

Advertisers can identify who has watched their ads, and who hasn’t, as well as who has paused, clicked through or left the advertisement This allows comparisons to be made, and the impact of the campaign on advertising objectives to be measured against a relative control group. Advertisers end up knowing exactly who they’ve reached, with meaningful insights into how this audience reacted and interacted with the advertisement. 

3. Spend smart, not big  

BVOD is seen as much more cost-effective than traditional TV advertising. You may have heard the expression “spray and pay” used to describe television advertising. This refers to the primitive targeting capabilities of TV advertising often resulting in a message being broadcast to a vague and often ambiguous audience. 

Advertisers can use BVOD’s advanced targeting parameters to specify their audience, pinpointing users demographically, geographically and psychographically. Another key feature and benefit of BVOD is the unskippable ad format, unlike other advertising platforms such as social media that can more or less be skipped through; brands are more likely to get their money’s worth from Broadcast Video On Demand advertising. 

4. Get Results 

Unlike traditional TV advertising, BVOD allows advertisers to link directly to their website or social media pages, acting as a direct platform for sales conversion. With many users watching on-demand content off their phones, tablets or laptops – advertising through Broadcast Video On Demand often means considerably higher action or search of your brand. 

Because BVOD content is streamed by trusted ‘big-name’ TV broadcasters, high-quality content from reputable brands is the unconscious standard in the viewers’ eyes. This means that your audience is more likely to trust ads placed on their streaming platforms, over social media websites thus leading to increased credibility and brand favorability. Advertisers can benefit from and leverage these positive associations allowing for further brand awareness, recognition and sales conversions. 

BVOD is both impactful and memorable, mainly due to the higher attention levels of the BVOD audience. As most advertisers know, attention is key to generating sales results. In turn, BVOD can be one of the most effective advertising platforms for ROI from trackable advertising campaigns. Creating a premium advertising environment, reaching consumers with high-quality content on a trusted platform. BVOD allows advertisers to reach television viewers without television budgets. As the uptake in on-demand services increases, the audience for BVOD is only going to grow. 

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by Gerald Fisher